Full Version: Compass Pool vs Narellan Pool
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We have narrowed down our choice between Compass Pool and Narellan because of great reviews too, as well as meeting our budget. Compass pool is a little more expensive though than Narellan because it has in floor self-cleaning.

Can anyone please provide feedback or opinion if you or your friends have installed any of these pools?

We recently installed a Compass pool in January of last year, so 12 months completed and had the same competitors quote and it was the infloor cleaning system that sold Compass to us.

So many people told us it was a waste of money, don't do it etc. but never having owned a pool I was scared of the maintenance. I can now say after 12 months of ownership I would highly recommend the infloor cleaning... it makes owning a pool a breeze. Minimum time spent looking after the pool and more time spent enjoying it. Even after the recent red rain downpour, the infloor cleaning and filtration returned our pool to clean within days.

The higher cost will be long forgotten once installed whereby if you don't put in infloor cleaning the constant maintenance will become a chore and you will begin to resent the pool.

Good luck with it.