Full Version: Power washer destroying my car?
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I have started going to a car wash my friend recommended it. She said they did a good job and wasn't expensive.

It have been going lately and they do a good job of washing my car. I have noticed the power washer is VERY powerful you can hear and see it is a VERY strong pressure.

I had noticed my alloy wheels were getting chipped (I don't know if that is the correct word to describe it) or perhaps corroded is a better term.

After the last car wash there is a bit of paint of my car and the alloys are worse looking now too.

The only thing I can put it down to is the car wash and the powerful power washer [Image: icon_sad.gif]

I don't think the workers will understand what I am saying if I go back because they don't speak much English...

Has this happened to anyone else at a car wash?

Is all power washers bad for your car? Or is it that this one seems VERY powerful?

I don't want my car destroyed any more. The alloys aren't great now and now there is a bit of paint of my car also :yuk::yuk:

Has anyone any advise?
Hi there,

I don't think the pressure washers are bad for cars in good shape, but the pressure jets can certainly exploit weaknesses in the paint.

If you have deep scratches or flaking due to dents/corrosion then the paint is compromised and the pressure jets can get into the gaps and make it worse.

Likewise alloy wheels are more or less all painted, what you're looking at isn't the metal surface of the alloy but a painted surface, and so therefore the same process can occur on the wheels.

I'd say youre better off washing the car yourself from now on (or paying the oik down the road to do it).
I don't think it's that bad for you. I am sure that not washing destroys the car, and improper use such as improper power nozzle for cleaning, you direct the flow of water the WTO is not the place. I have two cars and a motorcycle having recently picked up a high pressure washer which I wash not only cars, but also a wooden fence.