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The last few months have been a tough time for my family. We were affected by the ice storms in Texas and ended up without hot water or working showers for almost 3 weeks. My parents were waiting for the company we purchased our water heater from to come and replace some parts in the unit (i guess they purchased a warranty or something) only to learn that not only was the company not following through on the repairs under the warranty, but the valve that needed to be replaced, we couldn't find it for sale anywhere. Not even online. My parent's decided to go ahead and purchase a brand new unit which cost them $1600. My father recently had two cataract surgeries for each of his eyes and has to take a month off from work. The surgeries are costing us over $2100 dollars including all the fees and prescriptions, and he had to ask a family member for assistance in paying for it but was only able to borrow $700. And on top of all of that, we are now down to one vehicle because our Explorer has some issue with it so it's virtually not safe to take on the road, and with everything my parents are trying to pay off in terms of bills and everything, they can't afford to take it in for repairs.

My mother is the only one working right now. I'm in the process of looking for employment but I'm having next to no luck at all finding a job. Between the doctors appointments for my dad, my mom having to go to work, and other errands they are barely able to afford to put gas in our working vehicle because right now we are essentially broke. My mom's paycheck pretty much goes towards groceries and bill payments for utilities and all that. I haven't seen them this stressed out over money before, and I hate to see them like this. My dad was talking to my mom about possibly taking out a loan to help cover the financial burden, but the family is in enough debt as it is, and that would just add another straw to the camel's back. 

So I figured I would give this a shot and see if anyone would be willing to help us out. I know about GoFundMe and all those other sites but I've heard good things about this one as well. Anything anyone can contribute will be very much appreciated. I set up a CashApp account with our family's shared saving's account info and my father's debit card linked to it so i can send any donations directly to them. They don't know I'm doing this, I hope for it to be a pleasant surprise for them. Thank you in advance, and godspeed.$jE127158
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