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  Texas Winter Storm Victim need help
Posted by: texaswinterstorm - 03-24-2021, 09:05 AM - Forum: My Request for Help - No Replies

Hi my name is Christine, thanks for taking the time out to consider our family. We were hit by the winter storm in texas and all of our furniture and some fabric items could not be salvaged. Due to mold and they say do not keep flooded items. As our pipes burst in our house above the ceiling water went all over. Ruining almost everything. We washed what we could but some appliances were damaged as well.

All we are asking is whatever you want to donate.
Amazon E gifts cards help so we can order matress and bed frames to our house
canned goods from amazon fresh as fridge does not freeze anymore

uber as they deliver groceries

we need canned foods and water desperatley. Also just e gift cards from amazon so we can replace the beds and basic furniture like dining table, to eat on for now till we work and save to recoperate on this. The cost is over welming and insurance only covers to repair the water burst and water restoration.

now the items damaged through the pipe burst

not asking anything but canned goods foods water and e gift cards thats it

god bless he said in bible ask you shall recieve seek and you shall find. Is this true?

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  Help Me to Escape a False Reality!
Posted by: RealityMatrix - 03-23-2021, 11:59 PM - Forum: My Request for Help - No Replies

Hi my Name is Craig Znamenak and here is my story...

Something happened to the world Dec 2020 and I want to figure out what that was! Is there really a breakaway civilization running the show? Is there really a matrix of light and consciousness and you attract only what you focus on and feel? Is time real? Do we really manifest things from our imagination? Something happened and it completely changed the way that I view life in general. Everything seems connected to everything else. 

All I want to do is to escape my current reality which seems to hold me in the same spot. Trust me I am trying everything! This is just another way of trying. I need to achieve the freedom to research reality itself and the way the system is setup is to keep me in the same spot and to keep me distracted from finding out. The funds would allow me the freedom to research what I am passionate about and find puzzling, "the nature of reality".  I would be so grateful for the donations and this would mean everything to me! I love to solve a challenging puzzle. If I were to find out more I would share it with the world! I think this could benefit everyone if I were to solve this puzzle.

In the short term I would use the funds to change my life situation. I have an abusive codependent partner and have 3 children. I need to pay off my trailer before I loose it. I would donate it to my partner because she really probably wound not be able to afford the payments and lot rent. If there are any funds left over I would get my own place. This would make me free to be able to go out on my own and discover reality itself! We are all connected in some way guys! I wish to know more with this life! I cant though at the moment because of my introverted personality and the codependent relationship. The only way I can see out of this is to have enough money to escape!

Here are a few ways to donate:
GoFundME: https://gofund.me/61514e4c

Crypto  Addresses (the money of the future!):

Bitcoin: bc1q64thhmx0euqapdfydjfh8jrq6as572ups3n7d6

DOGE Coin: DM69vDWQfPCM1Y3QcZtaJdniaSeV3VRY6g


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Exclamation Help us to survive after hard abuse
Posted by: Olena - 03-23-2021, 04:43 PM - Forum: My Request for Help - No Replies

Hello everybody! Me and my son were beaten and kicked out from the house in a strange country. Now we need to survive. I do my best every day but no money even for repairing a car, which i need for getting a job. We really need a help. I need 2500 euros to pay for a car repair. Really ashamed to ask, but have no another way for now. My PayPal link is paypal.me/OKruhlova

Thanks a lot!

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  Remote Work from home jobs in Jamaica now hiring US$800 per week
Posted by: canada Jobs Online - 03-23-2021, 12:07 PM - Forum: Work From Home / Make Money From Home - No Replies

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  Remote work from homes jobs now hiring Philippines US$800 per week
Posted by: canada Jobs Online - 03-23-2021, 12:03 PM - Forum: Work From Home / Make Money From Home - No Replies

Metro Manilla Jobs now hiring
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  Nanny Caregiver jobs in Canada now hiring foreigners $35 an hour
Posted by: canada Jobs Online - 03-23-2021, 12:00 PM - Forum: Work From Home / Make Money From Home - No Replies

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[Image: ?url=http%3A%2F%2Fmedia.beam.usnews.com%...-stock.jpg]

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  Texas Winter Storm Victim
Posted by: texaswinterstorm - 03-23-2021, 10:54 AM - Forum: My Request for Help - No Replies

After paying my insurance deductible for insurance to pay partial of water damage due to the winter storm we had in texas I am from HOuston. Desperatley need food and water canned foods emergency food kits non perishable foods pantry foods and water. you can also order on nestle ready fresh its like sparklets they delivery water 5 gallons. We dont have a car or refrigerator it was damaged when out pipes busted and damaged our furniture and flooring. Lots of mold on beddings and clothes so we have been washing lots so water bill will be going up. We need help please I am mother raising 1 child on my own.

SO I need donations for uber and amazon as they deliver groceries  corner store and amazon fresh
amazon E gift cards purchase online and email to me  please or uber e gift cards

ZELLE texaswinterstorm@gmail.com

PAYPAL texaswinterstorm@gmail.com

amazon W gift cards for amazon fresh its $5.00 plus prime member $14.99  donate any amount to help please
uber delivers groceries with corner stores so e gift cards are great

I appreciate any grocery E gift cards if you can help. God Bless.
IN the bible he said he loves me and ask you shall recieve god I prayed in bed last night you said to post and you will send all of your people to help. Help me oh lord I prayed. Seek you shall find I am seeking lord.

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Posted by: Singlemommie - 03-23-2021, 02:53 AM - Forum: My Request for Help - No Replies

HI, I am a single mom who just delivered 4 months ago. I delivered earlier than my due date due to stressful situation. I was confined for ICU  in a government hospital for a week and my baby is still in NICU . I survived my pregnancy with the help of kind people , my hospital bills were shouldered my NGO’s and my baby is still hanging on at NICU. I am a battered woman and my live in partner left me when he knew i was pregnant with our first born . I was working as a saleslady before but due to pandemic i was laid off from work. I have no family, my parents are both dead and i have no relatives here in the city of my live in partner. I tried contacting some of my relatives for help in another city but unfortunately they too cant help us. I am asking for your kind help for my daughter’s needs : medium diapers, formula milk , any essential needs for the baby or financial help will do. I am asking for your support and help to start a new life away from a violent situation. Thank you and God bless. I am leaving link for your kind help. Thank you once again

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  Please help
Posted by: lhuo0119 - 03-22-2021, 07:06 AM - Forum: My Request for Help - No Replies

Hello. I am from PH. Life is really hard during this pandemic. My bills are piling up. Still haven't found a job. My loans are due. I'm afraid I'll be facing charges because of these loans. Please help.


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  Restaurant Project
Posted by: philipIgrant - 03-22-2021, 03:42 AM - Forum: My Request for Help - No Replies

Hi, me and my wife have been working on a restaurant project since last year but since Covid hit we have been unable to bring this further.We live in Mauritius,  we don't own any assets, we rent a small house with one daughter its not easy these days. We cannot borrow from the bank as we don't have any guarantee for them that's why we are stuck now.
We already have our business plan, registration for business etc... we just need the funds. We already have quotes from suppliers, and for materials also. We are trying to raise up to $30,000 that would be the amount needed to be able to make a change in our lives and start living our dream. If anyone willing to help please don't hesitate. 

Our paypal: paypal.me/philipIgrant

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