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Need money to dodge fees and groceries - frogi66 - 02-21-2021

Hi im David (Shuresh) from germany I finished school during lockdown and cant find a job due to nearly everything being closed and to be dead honest I was lazy and unmotivated in the past years. Lockdown is getting extended  every month I currently . My bank account is slightly in debt for a while now  and I still gotta pay for stuff like my gym membership every month even tho its closed. I need money to buy groceries for the next weeks or atleast evade fees. My bank account is at -37€ at the moment and im not allowed to reach -50€ cause then I get some additional fees and gotta pay more in the end and the problem is that start of next month I will surpass the -50€ cap so I would need  atleast 25€ in the next 10 days to evade the fees for a few more days. I have tried multiple sites without success yet so I just found this one aswell and give it a shot. 

Proof of my bank account: