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Computer Career Funding
Hello! hopefully this thread wont be too long, but I've been trying to find a method of earning money so I can start streaming video games to earn cash! however, my computer is to old and partially broken to even consider streaming. With that in mind I've been working the past few days to try and earn up some cash, but my overall goal would take me months to achieve and in all honesty, id rather get my drivers license and go find a public job than to waist a year trying to get cash for the same reason. So i came here and various other sites asking for help to build by career! but its not only for me, my overall goal is around 2200$ but only half of that is going towards me, my girlfriend has been living with me for almost a year now and we are both jobless so I was going to use the money to surprise her with her own computer so she can work with me. All im asking for is maybe 5$ from every person who wishes to donate? it would literally mean the world that I could take some weight off of my mothers shoulders knowing that other people have a source of income in the household. If yo udo wish to support me and help my need, please use my PayPal to donate!

A young teen wishing to build a career-

Julian M~

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