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Single Mother facing potential homelessness.
My name is Crystal and I'm posting this with tears in my eyes and a lot of anxiety. I'm 25 years old and a Mother (sole parent) to a beautiful four year old boy.
Please know that if you can in any way help, no matter the amount, my gratitude simply couldn't be put into words as all I've ever wanted to do was help others and asking for anything has always been something I avoid but i'm truly in desperate need of help and don't have family that we can stay with.
Given my low income and being a single parent, I was never able to be approved for a rental property and would always be rejected for share houses because of what I assume is stigma around a younger child being around so the only option I had was to apply for private rentals. I was, thankfully, approved for one six months ago to be met with a landlord that has taken advantage of me and my situation ever since. She's been super unprofessional, has asked for money several times that is outside of our agreement holding the roof over our heads over us. All I want is to be able to give my Son a stable home. She recently relisted the property and has given me until the 2nd of March to leave the property. I've tried everything from starting an online store which remained stagnant. I feel awful asking for help but if there is someone reading this who decides to help my Son and I, I can't even begin to express how grateful I would be. It would mean everything to me. I just need enough money to secure bond for wherever we can find to live in the short amount of time that we have and somehow pay to have our things moved as inexpensively as possible. If you have any questions, please write me. Thank you  Heart

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