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College student and mother of 4 facing disconnect

   I'm new to this whole asking for help, especially from strangers, but this is my hail Mary. I'm living with a relative who up until a few months ago was great. They are extremely depressed and have a lot of anxiety and having me and my boys around helps her a great deal mentally. Long long story short, for whatever reason I still cant fathom, all of the money I was giving for my portion of the bills were being pocketed and none of the utilities or the rent were being paid, with the state being shut down I guess it was easy to get away with but now that the great state of Texas is opened back up the landlord is beating down the door and our electric will be shut off literally any day now. I have the landlord squared away but my outstanding electric bill is $1740.00 and I just have nowhere to turn I've always been able to provide for my kids but almost 2 grand unexpectedly being thrown your way has a way of throwing people off I guess. If anyone would like to help no matter how small you can afford to gift me my PayPal link is and my cashapp is $bethyannieanne I'm also on venmo @bethany-anney Thank you so much for your time.

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