Full Version: I need Help to make my life worth living
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Good day everyone!

I'm from South Africa and I was starting to make a good and honest living at the age of 20 years, I got a decent work and I worked my ass off for my Company, everything started off pretty good but after 5 years my girlfriend cheated on me and I got retrenched from work and I just started to lose everything that I worked hard for, but that didn't get me down, I immediately started looking for another job and I sent out about 100 applications and out of nowhere Covid 19 happened so because of that I was unemployed for almost a year now and then all of my unpaid debt started piling up, so I landed in this black hole that I cant get out of, I don't know what I did to deserve this I'm a really good and honest person and always have been, I just really don't know what to do anymore I am giving everything that a got to get back on my feet but doesn't matter what I do nothing seems to get better Sad  to be honest I started getting ideas to just end my life because for some reason God doesn't love me anymore and it feels like he just threw me away for no reason at all. So all I'm asking is just for someone to help me out of this black hole, I really just want to get back on my feet and pay off all my debt so I can have a fresh start and so that I can start again to make a good and honest living, Please if there is anyone that can help me with any donations or advise I beg you to help me please!
 I will be forever grateful.  Heart

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