Full Version: Please help if you can
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I’m a mother of four beautiful girls and I have been the sole provider for them since day one. But now I’m falling behind on all of my bills and I don’t have no one to help. I’ve took a loan but now I can’t even pay for it. I’ve got rammed by a car in the highway a year (2020) and now all my pain and impact is hitting me all at once. I haven’t been to work as much or regular anymore because of my horrible back pain. Yes, I’m getting treatments but they don’t last very long. I’ve been stressed to the Max that I’ve diagnosed to having panic attacks and they are the worst!!!! My now ex boyfriend decided to cheat on me because I got “boring” and couldn’t provide for him no more so he did me dirty. My life is falling apart but I’m not going to give up. I’ve applied for fmla from NY job but they have denied me because I couldn’t make up to their eligible hours so now with all those missing days my occurrences definitely built up high and ready to kick me out. So please if you can help, please help. I don’t want my girls to see me suffering like this any longer.$beautifulmkay