Full Version: Need to pay my college fees
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paypal link is here :   https://www,

Hi this is jason speaking(I go by Jason here). I am an international student in Australia who needs some fees to pay for my first semester of college. I am currently in my final year and my parents have been usually handling my college fees but because of covid, my family has been into financial hardship  becuase the business has been suffering lately. This really has been a challenge for me to continue my degree overseas. Since I only have my final semester left to graduate, I at least wanna complete my degree before I go back to my country. Because of my current visas, a lot of living cost has been increasing too, but despite the fact that I can cover my living cost, I can no way pay my current college fees for my university because it is usually 5 times the price of a domestic student's enrollment fee. I  contacted the school regarding fees, but even with scholarships and so forth it seems to be limited, so I decided to come here. The total fee that i need to pay is around 12,000 to 18,000 dollars in Australian dollars. The due date is coming soon, which would be around the end of the week, so I really need this money quickly. If there is a case where the money is left from paying my college fees, I will refund some of the fees to the people who donated to me. Thanks for hearing my case.