Full Version: Please help young mother taking care of my disabled mother
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I am in between jobs right now and it won't start my new job until next Tuesday. I am a young mother of 6. And my last paycheck just went to put food in my house and pay my bills (electric and water...). I also take care of my disabled mother who is paralyzed on the left side. I let someone stay with me that needed help and they ended up stealing all of my seizure medication what they would need it for i nave no clue. My insurance won't cover another prescription and using good rx and all those apps still  have to pay out of pocket which i won't have until either taxes or 3 weeks out. I have to take my anti seizure meds daily 2x or i will have a seizure . I have nobody as u all see i an the sole provider and i have so far managed to pay my rent and put myself through school but unless i go to illegal measures (which i don't wanna do i have people who need me) i have no way to get any more money.  Fycompa is what i take and believe me i looked it's alot with little discounts. My credit sucks too.  I'm not sure where to put the PayPal and cash app but my cash app is $marisdal and my pay pal is @marissa833  any amount helps i will take down as soon as funded