Full Version: single mom with two toddler boys need help
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I'm single mom of two toddlers. As you know very well lots of people lost their jobs during pandemic.  Same i lost my job during pandemic and during this hard time start cleaning and dishwashing as part time at hotels. but this income does not helpful me to pay off rent and fulfill my toddlers needs. There are so many needs like diapers / seasonal clothes/ Their feed and my elder boy's kindergarten school fee. Mine current job just help me to fulfill our basic needs like food and electricity water supply bills only. That's not enough for us. I'm single earner. I need a little support from everyone during mine hard time. I'm so well educated that I got good job with good salary again. Good things takes time. So during this time please send me as little as help you can easily send without hesitation. 
Contact address -
Please contact only serious persons. no time wastage and scam please. we are already in hard time. 
a little help from yours side would be appreciated  
Thank you