Full Version: Guide for free passive income or trough surveys/tasks
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These are all referral linkslinks where I earn a bonus, if you consider the offer please use this links or codes to signup. As a disabled houseman, it would help me out immensely to earn some money to treat my wife to a nice dinner or my kids to a festival/amusement center visit.

Passive Income:
Pi coin is the number 1 crypto in interactions with over 50mio active users accessed and mined with 1 button press through your smartphone without draining your battery.
it's in the testing and mining phase so don't miss out on the high mining rates while you can [Image: smile.png]
(1Pi Coin estimation 35$)
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Do you want to rent out a small amount of your internet connection for up to 50$ a month?
Let Honeygain run in the background of your devices with unlimited internet bandwidth!
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Earn money through Surveys and Tasks:

You can earn up to 1.50$/10$ while you ride the train or wait for an appointment for a simple task like filling out a  survey for research purposes or just playing a mobile game!
which tasks you complete is up to you, use this link to get a signup bonus of up to 250$!

For filling out Surveys (5-10 min. 0.30$-0.80$) use the app Pollpay on your smartphone or go to the website and use
signup code: UYDAN27EAF to get a 0.25$ bonus 

Im right now learning about passive income trough lending out financial resources to hold crypto coins stable (Coin liquidity) with money i earn trough this methods i listed in this post (this makes between 1-20% monthly passive income) when i get more experienced i will write a full guide to this post. [Image: smile.png]