Full Version: Help Momma of 4
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Hello everyone my name is Melissa and I come to you for help. I have 4 amazing children. 2 are my biological and 2 are my amazing sister's. My sister passed away January 3rd and now I am raising her children as my own. She would be so beyond DISSAPOINTED with me right now because I have no home for these 4 beautiful children. The loss of my beautiful amazing sister and there mother has been so very hard on all of us. I am struggling to stay afloat. It is getting cold and only going to continue to get colder and we need shelter. I am asking for you to donate anything possible to us so we can get us a home. Anything at all would be highly appreciated. My children deserve the world and as a momma it kills me that I can't give them that. But it's even harder not to be able to even give them shelter or Christmas Presents. They have all said all they want for Christmas is a home to call there own. Please help me give my children at least that this year please and thank you.