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Help to improve my skill - Iryna - 10-03-2022

Good day.

My name is Iryna and I am from Ukraine.

Today I am homeless and unemployed due to the fact that after Russia's attack on Ukraine, there was a threat to my life and I was forced to leave my town. But I do not lose optimism. I also draw and hope to do it professionally one day. I count on your support. Your monetary donations will allow me to take training courses and improve my skills. I will post one of my drawings below. To help me realize my dream, I want to offer to combine your desire and mine. In particular, if you refuse to buy at least one hot-dog and transfer the money of its cost to my account, this will allow you to realize your secret dream - to make your figure slimmer, and me - to get closer to improving my skills. I would like to warn you that I live in Ukraine and intend to stay here for a long time, so I can accept donations only through PayPal.

Thank you for your support.