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Please helpplease
Let me say that im NoT ASKING FOR A HAND OUT OR CASH PLEASE READ hello im sarah pavlovsky 21 years old single mom of two. We are homeless no vehical when my son was born he was diagnosed with Congenital Central Hypoventalation Syndrom wich cause the part of his brain that comtrols his lungs and breathing to shut down everytime he falls asleep.

So he has a treak and requires ventalation as he sleeps Well we have a home in bowdon ga wich I was living with my mother and my paralized granny and paralized aunt. When my mother became disabled from a motor cycle wreck. She moved into her friend house leaving me with the kids and the elderly. So my uncle came to live and help take care of the elderly. Well when i was little my uncle molested me . So being around him Was a struggle exspecially with my kids. He was awful about trying to bond woth them. I had no secirity. Or stability. So I started calling homeless shelters and the housing authority's.  The shelters said with my son's disability and him requiring a nurse to come out to the house daily that with the privacy act they could not accept us because they couldn't place us in a private room. So now we are at a hotel that my son's disability check paid for a week So I am looking for a loan companie or someone who will give me a 1500 dollar loan so that I can get a trailer and get on my feet. Someone who will accept my son's disability as an income. So I can get my life back togethr and get on my feet 6788186392

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