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in need of help
My husband is a type 1 insulin dependent diabetic. He has had this all his life he is 42 yrs old.  He was never properly taught how to manage his diabetes properly and continues to struggle with controlling it. Because of so many lows and so many highs he has developed severe diabetic neuropathy in his hands and feet. When co-vid hit everything changed. I lost my job in a nursing home because the facility was on lock down and I was the newest hire. Then my husband got sick, real sick. Within 3 months of the pandemic we believe my husband had covid twice and still to this day has not fully recovered.   We believe he is a long hauler, he experiences brain fog, confusion, lack of energy, severe depression, mood swings, insomnia, over sleeping, dizziness and loss of consciousness. During his second bout of covid his neuropathy in his feet became so constant and excruciating that we needed to purchase a mobility chair and a wheel chair for him to use. He can barely walk now.  My husband was deemed disabled and unable to work 4 years ago, he still does not receive social security or disability because of his age, he was just shy of the required work credits, and due to covid everything was at a stand still.  I cannot get a job outside of the home because I literally have to do everything for him, myself, our dog, my husbands father who is a vet and recieves disability but he unfortunately gambles and smokes away every dollar that doesn't go to the rent. I rely on food pantries so we don't starve, and keeping food and the basic necessities gets harder everyday. I would love to be able to work from home but finding a legitimate work from home job is difficult, especially one that pays well enough for us to survive on a daily basis.  I am at a point where my mental and physical health are breaking under all the stress and I am extremely worried that I am watching my husband literally dying because I can't catch a break that will better our situation and his and my health.  We both only have eachother, our families are no longer parts of our lives, not our choice, but it's just the way it is, so I don't even have that support system behind me.  If anyone who reads this finds it in their hearts to send a prayer, advise , a job lead , food, or financial support it would be most greatly appreciated, never expected, and even writing this and asking for anything from anyone is extremely hard to do, I feel like I have failed not only myself but my husband also.  Thank you for taking time to read this . Thank you

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