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Need help to pay bills and mortgage
I am a 56 year old mom of 3 adult kids. Oldest child got himself into trouble with the law and now can't find steady work because of his police record and so he became a subcontractor and doesn't make enough to pay his own bills so I have been helping him out for about 8 years now. Any money that was saved is all gone and I have maxed out my line of credit and my 2 credit cards and so I went to my mortgage company and have refinance it so now I have a mortgage of $210,000 and they have given me a 30 year mortgage. My other 2 children are working but they went through any of their savings because of the pandemic and are barely making ends meet themselves so I can't even go to them for help. I hope that someone out there will help out a struggling mom who has always helping people out by either just listening to them, helping financially or just being there for a hug and a shoulder to cry on.

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