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In need of a miracle
I am a university student with a lot of debt,  I took out a personal loan to help fund part of my fees  and also to try and establish a business with my mom since she was retrenched as a factory worker while I was still in school. My single mother didn't earn a lot and couldn't afford to pay for my fees so i had to find ways to get by.

We now have a clothing manufacturing business, but that has had very slow growth and is only starting to do some sales, but not enough yet to help cover the costs of it. i am behind on my loan repayments and have also been struggling to pay employees, and basic living costs. I am reaching out hoping there is someone out there willing to help, and in exchange i could make some garments for donors and have them sent,, as a token of appreciation. 

I would really like to clear my debt as I feel like Im drowning and this could help me to just breathe and work on getting the business up and running. in need of about $6700. 
Thank you

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