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Unemployment fraudulently stolen, info sold on darkweb.

 I am a female living in the pacific northwest in my mid twenties. I am a professional photographer but due to covid 19, my photography freelance career was haulted and so naturally I got on unemployment for a little while. Unfortunately I made a mistake in buying a phone secondhand from some people who were much more unfortunate than I was. Little did I know it was a scam. About a week after I bought the phone I went to see how the couple was doing and proceeded to get the  new phone stolen. They got into my Gmail, sold my info on the darkweb and then my account began to drain. Pretty much 95% of my unemployment was taken out of my account through 'out of network' 'cardless' transactions that mirror my own spending. I feel as though the opportunity I was given to get a head only set me back, hard.
 Due to my circumstances I was forced at one point to either go without electricity/heat or sell my camera. I did what I had to do. 
Lastly I let a someone I thought was a friend help me with a minor repair I needed done to my car and they proceeded to dismantle my engine and steal my catalytic converter.  My car since then has been towed. I live downtown so an undrivable vehicle has little chance of taking precious car space when there is so little already. 
When it rains it pours. I just want my life back. I'm always willing to work for what I need but I'm stuck in a rut. My parents have been forced to take on My student loan debt of 30,000 they cosigned on. Wells Fargo loans unfortunately.  They recently expressed wanting me to start taking it over and it's about a 250 to 300 dollar payment a month. 

I'm drowning. 
All support is appreciated. 

Thank you for your time and consideration. 

My cashtag is$gratefullyours369

Name: Lady C

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