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$4 mil Covid-19 Grant; No One Housed & Cut Backs w/in Camp Continue.
I am currently staying in a tiny home community in the Pacific Northwest. 

These little communities are suppossed to be part of the answer for ending homelessness.

Recently the operations have switched from being a democratic, self-governed and tenant ran to being sold to a brand new nonprofit. 

First thing they did is change food suppliers taking our 3 meals a day down to 2 and going with a much cheaper operation. 

They had a 1 milion dollar budget the last two months of the year and yet we recieved nothing for Christmas.

 Now they have been allocated 4 million through a COVID 19 grant so why is it they have failed to even keep things so basic and relatively inexpensive stocked.  

Moreover, how is it that last year, when the camps were so tight monetarily, did we each receive a $500 visa gift card for Christmas?

We used to have many volunteers who devoted their personal time and resources and they have since then been turned away indefinitely. 

I've overheard the workers presently discuss amongst each other what was going on with their paychecks being late. 

The most impressive people they have hired to date have quit under mysterious circumstances. That has unraveled to the reality that everything they were attempting to do for their clients, as unofficial social workers, was all in vain. "They wanted nothing to do with what was going on here." Verbatum. 

Since the switch not one person has been housed with any credit towards the new owners operations. 

I've had my social worker switched up on me now almost 5 different times alone. 

They are even hiring people as 'social workers' without any prior education, certification or degrees in the realm of the social working sector. 

Unfortunately it seems that the new owners are mostly concerned with lining their pockets rather than taking on the responsibilities detrimental to the success of the cause by doing what is expected of them, with the millions of dollars they have received from COVID- 19 grants.

The only constant around this shelter/temporary living facility is bearing witness to the injustices as they play out and to attest to the loss of our ever-dwindling resources.

The imparitivuty on the vitality of this estabilishment's survival rest almost entirely on what resources are available and the rate of success each one carries.

The forementioned cannot be stressed enough. Its the key factor solely responsible for keeping the integrity of this place an honest representation of what the public has grow to understand we existed for.  

To see the change so drastically from then to now is like seeing a shrink ray turn a regularly sized guy into less than a foot tall.... quite shocking to say the least.

This place has visibly diminished to nothing more than a slap in the face for the ones who started this.

This food is foul... most of the breakfast is oatmeal with God knows what mixed in, from canned fruit to vegetables...or an egg surprise shaped like a piece of cake or a brownie... why can't they ever just serve plain ANYTHING??

 It feels like they are seeing how disgusting they can make something and get away with it...

If that's not bad enough....

They also almost immediately irradicated the water bottles which is also quite important on so many levels, along with any of the other drinks like juice and stuff, all gone. 

We do get coffee that's scorching hot and in my opinion practically burnt by the afternoon. We constantly run out of basic necessities like cups and silverware and plates.. 

 A truthfully tasteless, vampiric display of parasitic like feeding by a no good group and its striking display of candid disgust and disrespect against people they feel are beneath them...which alienates people who were already backed into the fringes, sub/counter cultures of mainstream society, in the first place...

To go as far as to make the people you are supposed to be helping suffer, that is a sickness of the mind far greater and more alarming then a man disassociated with reality because of having to deal with the hardships that exposure the elements causes...which by the way can do an awful number on someone's ability to cope.

 Naturally it's people who have never struggled in that way who rarely have the capacity to be able to sympathize with anybody like that at all..

 A common consensus amongst 95% of homeless is that going to the hospital is an embarrassing passive aggressive stage in which you become tonight's entertainment.

 Whether it is not giving you enough local anesthetic or when being put under not getting quite enough to do the job, they are brutal in the ways of torture. So it becomes commonplace for the homeless not to seek treatment altogether.

 Before we had switched ownership, we had volunteer nurses who would come to us at the camps. They worked with volunteer doctors who came bi-weekly. 

The nurse, however, was here a few times a week. She would go out of her way constantly and would even attend any doctors appointments ensuring we were treated fairly. 

The other off-putting chain of events points to more evidence on things not being quite transparent around here... 

A local art studio owner has been working with tenants of the campsite, it's opening a couple of years ago to display and effectively sell the work of the many talented and creative individuals. 

Offering studio time, art supplies and money as the artwork sells at her exhibit.. Giving many of us inspiration and hope for our own journey towards reassilmalation back into mainstream society. 

We'll the last 3 months she had been effectively no longer allowed to come into the camp. Why would they want to discourage a successful member of the community from advocateing for those they created an entire no-profit for the betterment of? 

My guess? WE aren't the people they created the non profit for the benefit of..

  Turns out, that the store of donated clothing has had lice for a while now. Yet they have informed no one and are letting people in their all the time. APPRECIATE THE HEADS UP. 

I'm in between a rock and a hard place of wanting to burn my clothes but not wanting to run around naked with no money to buy anything else.

There are rats living under most of our 10 by 10 houses and some of the houses even have cockroaches. 

This sucks man. 

Any and all forms of support will be extremely helpful, valued immensely and with much gratutude. Informed advice incouraged.


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