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A little help saving my dream
I'm sorry if this is a repeat post; it has been a few days and I still don't see my post so I thought maybe I didn't do it right the 1st time...

Hello I am a blind woman living in the saint Louis area. The past few years have been really difficult for me. Last year though I was offered the opportunity to take on my dream. I would be put though work training and then given the chance to run my own business as a sole proprietor. The process was longer than expected and forced me to cut what few work hours I had but I got through training and was asked to take over a store 3 hours away from my hometown and family and friends. The rushed to move me here but then kept making me push the opening back. From the time I moved to the time I opened took about three months. In that time I used what little disability income and savings I had just to keep my apartment and utilities on. But I got the store open and love everything thing to do with it. But now I'm being threatened to have my store taken away and to lose home as well. I have no credit for a personal loan and haven't been open long enough for a business loan I've tried every kind I could find. I'm almost out of time please please help keep my home and dream? Anything helps please?

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