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Give Annemarie a chance
Dear Compassionate Souls,

I reach out to you with a story of resilience, a tale of a 59-year-old woman whose life has been marked by profound loss and unyielding challenges. Living in scarcity and distress, she is alone, feels lost and has no support in her loneliness and need. She is battling against a tide of adversity and she needs urgent financial support to survive.
I ask this for a woman of great merit. Every member of her family has died after long battles with terminal illnesses. She selflessly cared for each of them , providing the best possible support she could. However the toll of this care-giving was expensive, both emotionally and financially and soon she was hugely in debt. Then, when the pandemic happened, she lost her job, could no longer afford decent housing, and her own health worsened. The financial obligations were mounting with each passing day.
One ray of sunshine is that she managed to find employment that is suitable for her physical and psychological well-being (status). But all the income she earns goes to the interest on loans she was forced to take.
This is her current reality: she lives in an apartment without running water, housing without heating in the middle of winter, and being unable to cover basic utilities, food, medical care, dental services.
This woman, a survivor in the truest sense, would be able to support herself with her salary if all of her debts were paid.
Her debts, listed below encapsulate the formidable challenge she faces:

ING Bank – 11,224.48 Euros
Hora Credit – 986 Euros
7 Credit – 1,096.00 Euros
Credit Fix – 363 Euros
Axi Credit – 621 Euros
Viva Credit – 491 Euros
BC Rapid – 327.87 Euros
Rent – 245 Euros
Colterm – 387 Euros

The total debt burden she carries amounts to a staggering 15741.25 Euros.

This is not merely a call for financial support, it’s a call to extend a lifeline to someone who has weathered storms that would break most spirits.
Your support can certainly rewrite the ending of her story.

Let us unite to bring warmth to her winter and to give her a fighting chance for a more hopeful future.
Your support has the power to change the course of her story ( life), providing hope in a time of darkness and cold.
Your kindness is the key that can unlock a brighter future – be a beacon of light in the darkest hours of this soul.
Thank you for opening your hearts and making a difference in a life that desperately needs it and truly deserves it.

Humbly yours,


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