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Get Started - How to request a donation
I don't know im only on few days I press new thread and than post it took me a day to find it too if you go into your name top right corner use cp and u should be a to fi d most recent thread
They say when it rains it pours, and I'm really starting to see what they mean. I am a single mother of a beautiful 5 month old just trying to get back on my feet. 
    I recently ended a four year relationship because of physical abuse and it was not something I can or will raise my son around. However that being said I was currently coming off of edd paid leave making only 250 a week and about to be looking for a new job. The reason I am now looking for new work is because since the covid shutdowns happened right when I found out I was pregnant, they didn't know how it would affect me and my doctor's notified me to take time off of work. It wasn't long before the bills started adding up with 250 a week I can barely afford to pay the 25% of my rent that is required and still feed myself and my son.
      And even when I thought it couldn't get worse I found out that my taxes got messed up so no return yet and the car that was already pretty messed up finally gave out.
      I have three weeks before I am out on the streets all I need is enough to afford a reliable vehicle so that I can make it to a job or two and be there to support my son.
      I am a former foster kid with student loans which caused bad credit so really this is my only option to get the support I need. 
     When I left a toxic relationship I thought I was doing what I needed to for my son and now I can't even support him.. that's all I'm trying to do. 

Thank you..

My Cashapp code:$Summerbliss111
Hi my name is Chris. Am looking for a helping hand of financial assistance with paying off my car. Have a 2015 Honda Crv and its 6 years old and need help asap! Have $11,600 to go! Please help!!! Any donation amount accepted!!! Would be appreciated! Thank you.


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