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  Lost my job. Please help.
Posted by: StevenJames92 - 05-06-2021, 07:41 AM - Forum: My Request for Help - No Replies

I am so sorry to have to beg like this. I am truly embarrassed. It all started when I lost my job at the end of January due to Covid. My company downsized and they offered me a transfer 4 hours away. I was unable to take it due to being in a lease for my apartment, and my general desire not to move that far away from my mom. So I was denied unemployment. I had some money saved and I thought I could make it stretch until I found steady work. Unfortunately I was wrong my town was hit hard by Covid and the lockdowns and work didn't come as easy as I had hoped. I have been doing odd jobs and free lance gigs to get by, I've sold every electronic item I own besides this laptop, and my parents have helped me as best they could, but I am at the end of my rope. I am behind on my car payment and my rent. But more than anything I am humiliated that every time I look at my mom I feel like a failure. I don't want to be a disappointment but I just can't seem to dig myself out of this one. In happier news I have two different interviews lined up next week for full time work from home customer service jobs, with good pay, and I am currently waiting to hear back from the owner of a local bar/restaurant about a job as a cook. However, I am in need of assistance to get me through that process and to my first paycheck. I will be forever grateful if you are able to help in anyway. I can't thank you enough. God Bless.



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  Energy drinks for drivers
Posted by: Muller - 05-05-2021, 09:23 PM - Forum: Chit chat - Replies (2)

How to be a driver behind the wheel, if there is no more strength, my eyes close themselves, and I have to go home: not to kemarit on the roadside, as a hunted horse? It is good, of course, if you have a thermos flask with coffee or strong tea. But the most modern means - certainly the energy drink! Just take a sip and you're good to go... Have you ever wondered what is in it?

Scientists have been working on the development of all kinds of "energy drinks" for a long time. Astronauts, military officers, controllers, drivers, finally - their work is associated with increased responsibility, requires special endurance and performance. And some once "secret" know-how is now available to the public - it is advertised and freely sold. This product is mostly popular among young people: they don't have enough hours in a day and they are not used to calculate their strength yet - and here they take a sip and their eyes are "five rubles each"! But where does the "magic" energy come from and where does the sleep go? And most importantly, is not harmful to health this drink? So we decided to check it out. We bought 11 items of the "magic" drink in large stores and gave them for examination.

Many people think that the "energy" is contained inside the jar. It turns out that this is not entirely true. The contents of the can is more like a key to the door of the internal reserves of the human nervous system, but its capabilities are not limitless. In other words - the can doesn't give you energy, it sucks it out of you. Energy drinks, according to experts, refer to caffeine-based tonics - the very thing contained in coffee. Like any stimulant, caffeine depletes the nervous system. Its effects last for an average of three to five hours, after which the body needs a break. An elixir of energy is no substitute for sleep!

Some beverages also contain guarana, the Mexican plant, which also has caffeine. But unlike coffee, energy drinks have a complex of vitamins and glucose. One can of this invigorating drink contains about a daily dose of vitamins. They do not increase the work capacity, their main function is nutritional. Glucose is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, involving in oxidative processes and delivering energy to the muscles, brain and other vital organs.
Another difference of energy drinks: caffeine in them is present in its pure form and is not connected, as in coffee, with other substances that soften its effect. By the way, there is more caffeine in a tea bag than in instant coffee, but it is associated with tannins, which noticeably weaken its effect.
And finally, almost all energy drinks are carbonated, which accelerates their effect - this is the third difference from coffee.

Speaking of caffeine, too. Approximately 15% of the people who inhabit our planet are indifferent to caffeine. It can even backfire on them. They snore in coffee shops and there's nothing they can do about it. In general, we are divided into three groups by caffeine sensitivity: low-, medium-, and high-sensitive (see table). So, food producers, taking care of the safety of invigorating drinks, should be focused on the "weak" part of the population. Not without reason, some packages carry a warning: "no more than two cans a day!

Here we come to the question of the norm. Everything is good in moderation! In caffeine-containing soft drinks, according to hygienic requirements there should be not more than 150 mg/liter of caffeine. There is an exception for energy drinks - 400 mg/l. Experts suspect that this "generosity" was made to let a foreign producer onto our market. But at the same time it is useful to know the risks of excessive energy.


1. Do not exceed the daily dose of caffeine, which is about two cans of an average energy drink.
2. Taking more than two cans in a row can be detrimental to health: the resources of the body are already exhausted, and therefore instead of the desired effect you will feel the side effects.
3. 3. At the end of the action of the energy drink the body needs to rest in order to restore resources.
4. 4. Do not drink after sporting activities, since both can increase your blood pressure. Who knows what the safety margin of your circulatory system is?
5. It is strictly contraindicated to "indulge" in energy drinks for hypertension, diseases of the cardiovascular system, glaucoma, sleep disorders, increased excitability and sensitivity to caffeine. You should not quench your thirst with an energy drink while waiting for your offspring. Children and the elderly, of course, also ni ni!

In the case of overdose, possible side effects: tachycardia, psychomotor agitation, nervousness, depression. Caffeine is a medicinal substance, and it should be treated as a medicine - with the utmost caution. It is eliminated from the blood in 3-5 hours, and even in half. But what if you have been drinking tea and coffee all day long? So calculate the permissible dose ... Maybe, all the same, it is better to take a nap on the side of the road?

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  I need to feed my family.
Posted by: kimG - 05-05-2021, 01:21 PM - Forum: My Request for Help - No Replies

hi! I'm kim... I'm currently positive with covid19 and in quarantine. I lost my job because of it. now, I don't know where to get money for my family. I am the bread winner in my household. please help me feed them. It feels like I'm going nuts thinking where can I get money while I'm sick and trying to survive.

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  Got scammed by my boss and got no money to live
Posted by: Trocin - 05-03-2021, 06:53 PM - Forum: My Request for Help - No Replies

TL;DR I got scammed by my boss and got no money to live.

Hey Freebeg! Long story short, I’m former opiate addict from eastern europe who wanted to start new life after one year long rehab.1,5 year ago my life was in total mess, I was hooked up on morphine and heroin, I lose my driving license, I lost my job and contact with my family.

I wanted to start new life, so I decided to go on threatment, 1 year treatment in one of the hardest rehabs in Poland.After therapy I started new life in new city, far away from my toxic friends and places I was taking drugs.Eerything was fine, I started new sober life, started relationship with girl I met on rehab, found job etc.About 1 month ago things changed immedietly, girl left me because she went back to her toxic ex boyfriend and now is probably taking drugs with him, my boss turned out to be cheating mother fucker and fired my 1 day before payday and then sent me letter with contractual penalty and told me I won’t see money for 1,5 month of work and here I am – alone, far from home, with no money in rented apartment and I don’t have money to pay for.

I don’t know what to do, I tried to get credit, but I wasn’t able to find bank who would give me any loan with my credit history.If you are able to help me, here is my BTC addres, even 10$ would be a lot for me in my situation, want any proof I’m not a scammer? I can send you pictures of anything you want. Thanks in advance!

Contractual penalty, I didn't do anything wrong, he cheated all of us D:

Certificate of completion of therapy

Here are my most important bills and account ballance ;__;

Plus I have to pay like 150$ for rent.
Here is picture of statuette I got at the end of therapy, I'm 100% sober now

I can give you any proof of my situation you want, I really need some help ;__;At first I have to pay bills and rent, then I will think about starting my own bussines.


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Heart Help us go on our dream honeymoon!
Posted by: autumn531 - 05-03-2021, 05:07 PM - Forum: My Request for Help - No Replies

[Image: kelley-mcneil-10-01-2022]
Help us go on our dream honeymoon!

My fiancé and I are high school sweethearts and have been together for over 6 years now. We are currently planning our wedding for next October. We don’t come from families with a ton of money, so we are having to pay for our wedding and honeymoon all on our own. This is hard because we are also still in college. Memories and experiences mean more to us than anything and we would appreciate the help so much! Honeyfund

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  Help if you can
Posted by: Zepmel - 05-03-2021, 01:25 AM - Forum: My Request for Help - No Replies

Good evening , 

A friend was recently separated from his wife and I’m trying to help him get back on on his feet and continue to get back on track.

I know that this is a tough time for all. That being said, there is someone that I know who is going through a rough patch. I felt like I needed to do something to help. Sometimes it's just that little boost that can help change someone's path. They would never ever ask anyone for help, but I know that they need it. This person has selflessly helped many people over the years, and finds themselves now in a funk where they can't get back on there feet do to finding a place to live and other things
This person has always been self sufficient and independent, and finding themselves In these circumstances, where they are so heavily dependent on others, would have dampened the spirits of most, but without the funds to maintain the basic necessities, they are still finding a way to smile everyday and impart their knowledge to others, and have pushed through and persevere. Please aid me in getting this person back to where they were meant to be.

This person does not know this is being done for them, but once the money is raised, I will let them know who contributed to their blessing!


Thank you,

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  Single mom in a financial bind
Posted by: Bbie96 - 05-02-2021, 09:26 AM - Forum: My Request for Help - No Replies

Hello. My name is Summer and I am a single mother of 3 little girls ages 4,5&6. I was let go from my job about 2 months ago because while i was walking down the stairs on my way to work, i tripped over my shoelace and busted my head an inch open. Unfortunately the poor management thought it wasn\'t acceptable to call in last minute, emergency or not. So i was out of work. I haven\'t received my stimulus I haven\'t received my taxes. Im 2 months behind in rent and its $1400 a month. Im 2 months behind on my car payment which is $224 biweekly. My light bill is on the verge of disconnection. And my vehicles insurance lapsed. I am working again although im not getting paid as much as my last job. I really don\'t know what to do or who to find for help. Ive gotten denied at every loan place there is. Anything helps. Im grateful for anyone who even took the time of day to read this. I hope you all are doing well.

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  How to make money with affiliate network Affizer
Posted by: sabuz1 - 05-02-2021, 09:21 AM - Forum: Work From Home / Make Money From Home - No Replies

When it comes to internet prospecting, just think of the affiliate product you sell as a tool that enables you to identify people who have an interest in a home business. Leads you collect contain name, email and phone. But when you grow that list of leads, it will still be up to you to personally contact these people and help them.  Affilate commissions Affizer usually only run 1 tier deep (the purchase by the client), sometimes 2 tiers (where the client then also promotes the product), but rarely 3 or more. Affiliate programs usually don't charge for training materials either. On the other hand commissions are paid to multi-level marketing distributors according to the company's individual compensation plan. There can be multiple levels of people receiving royalties from one person's sales.  

[Image: Screenshot_1.png]
If you are keen to combine network marketing with internet marketing, start with a company that offers training and plenty of support. That way it will be an easier journey for you.  Starting your own home business using the network marketing model is simple, but like any other home business, growing and sustaining it can be a challenge. That's why it pays to find the right company and someone who is prepared to mentor you along the way.  The best way to think of it is to focus on providing a service that people are willing to pay for. Provide something of value related to your business and you will gather leads easily.   Build trust and credibility. Take your time to get the build going.Building your Network Marketing business without building relationships is impossible, whether it be on the internet, off the internet.  Click Here For Join

My name is Erik, I represent Affizer. 
We are a world-leading performance-based CPL (cost-per-action) network. 
Affizer drives large scales of traffic worldwide. We Want to Success Affiliates. 
We are always ready to share with you our last top converting offers. 
Our Focus Affiliter's Profit. You will get timely payment for good traffic.

For Support (Skype)

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  Reverse Phone Numbers Finder Services - Are They All Fraud?
Posted by: sabuz1 - 05-02-2021, 09:09 AM - Forum: Work From Home / Make Money From Home - No Replies

Inside the space of seconds you Benin Phone Number List get an essential report that tells whether any data is accessible for that telephone number, and distinguishes the kinds of data that is accessible. On the off chance that you like what you find in the essential report, you can pay an expense and get a total report which incorporates every one of the subtleties that are accessible about that number. With this methodology, you exchange a limited quantity of cash for fast conveyance of definite data about the Benin Phone Number List and its proprietor. Simply ensure you pick a set up and regarded phone query administration. 

[Image: Benin-Phone-Number-List.jpg]

Have you at any point attempted to discover who possesses that Benin Phone Number List puzzling number on the telephone, just to find that it is a cell number and you can't get the data? Data about phone numbers isn't broadly accessible the path data about conventional phone numbers is. Yet, it is frequently accessible in the event that you realize how to discover it. Allow me to reveal to you how to follow mobile phone numbers 2 Benin Phone Number List different ways. The most difficult way possible to follow these numbers is to dissect the design of the number, at that point counsel different assets on the Internet to decide the overall area of the location of the proprietor of the cell number. 

The method includes separating the Benin Phone Number List into Area Code (the initial 3 digits) and Central Office Code (the following 3 digits). You can go online to discover the express that the Area Code compares to, at that point look into the Central Office Code around there. Presently lets talk about how to follow cell numbers the simple way. To do this, you exploit a cell number query administration. These administrations assemble data from a wide Benin Phone Number List assortment of sources, join it into a solitary data set,

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Information !Young student in need of help please!
Posted by: Colbympleasehelp - 05-02-2021, 01:49 AM - Forum: My Request for Help - No Replies

Please help 

I’m 20 years old
Laid off recently bc of COVID 
Could not get the stimulus check
Struggling to make rent 
Need just a lil help from others
Please consider helping 
I’m a real person just trying to go back In school 

Hello my name is Colby. I am not a robot this is not a scam. 
Sorry for my bad writing, I always sucked at punctuation. 
I am -350 in my bank right now, I had to quit school to help my dying 
Grandfather. Then he passed and my work laid me off bc of COVID I now try 
And make as much money as I can doing odd jobs for people. 
And I’m trying to be a postmates worker. I pray to god. I know and hope eventually everything can/will get better just hope that a kind person may read this and help me out thank you so much for reading. 
God bless you 

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